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Attend an Online Digital Cooking for Chemo Class!

If you've ever wanted to see Chef Ryan teach his Cooking for Chemo class, now is your chance! We are constantly scheduling new cooking classes so check this page frequently to keep up to date.

MOST classes are free of charge, but you must sign up in advance for each class! Link to ticketing website is located in the details of the event!

Check Out a Video of Our New Digital Format as taught at Gilda's Club Chicago!

2020 Digital Online Cooking for Chemo Classes

Upcoming Online Digital Class Dates:

Currently all Cooking for Chemo classes are hosted on Zoom unless otherwise noted. You will need to sign up with the hosting organization to join the class. I can’t wait to see you there!

This class is a fun, energetic, and interactive discussion about food and flavor. We will discuss how your taste and flavor perception can change during and after cancer treatment. In this class, Chef Ryan Callahan will teach the fundamentals of flavor, origin, and function, as well as how to apply this new cooking information to combat the most common eating-related side-effects of chemotherapy. A Tasting Demonstration will teach you the five basic flavors of salty, savory, spicy, sour and sweet.

Class Requires the following ingredients to be tasted to have the full experience of the class:

1 teaspoon of the following ingredients:

  1. Salt (coarse ground or table salt)
  2. Soy Sauce (an authentic, brewed soy sauce preferably Kikkoman)
  3. Ground Black Pepper (coarse ground or table grind)
  4. Red Wine Vinegar or Lemon Juice
  5. Sugar (regular white sugar, or honey)

You can put these ingredients into portion cups, disposable cups, regular cups or any container that can be easily accessed during the class.

We also request that you grab two to three herbs or spices from your kitchen cabinet to smell during the class, and be prepared to discuss them in class.

Here is the link to the class worksheet.


November 13th

Cancer Support Community Greater Philadelphia

11:15 am Eastern Time

Cooking for Chemo Class

November 18th

Cancer Support Community Greater Lehigh Valley

5:00pm Eastern Time

Holiday Cooking Class

December 4th

Ovarcome Ovarian Cancer Support

Holiday Cooking Class

December 5th

Semper Fi & America's Fund

3pm Eastern Time

Holiday Cooking Class

December 8th

New Mexico Cancer Center

1pm Mountain Time

Cooking for Chemo Class

December 10th

Gilda's Club Evansville, Indiana

2 pm Central Time

Cooking for Chemo Class

December 12th

TEAL Brooklyn

Noon Eastern Time

Holiday Cooking Class

December 16th

Gilda's Club Detroit

6pm Eastern Time

Holiday Cooking Class

December 17th

Cancer Support Community Los Angeles

1pm Pacific Time

Holiday Cooking Class

We are booking more classes every day! Return to this page often to see upcoming events.

Interested in hosting a class? Email us at cookingforchemo@gmail.com