Cooking for Chemo Podcast

Chef Ryan and Jessie Callahan

Welcome to the Cooking for Chemo Podcast! In this podcast, we will discuss Cooking for Chemo topics such as eating related chemotherapy side-effects and how to overcome them. We focus on giving real-world practical advice that you can use in your own home right away! Have a question? Send it to us to answer on the podcast: [email protected]

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 26: How to Get Kids Involved in Cooking

In this episode, we talk about how to get kids excited and involved when cooking.

Episode 25: How to Dissect a Recipe

In this episode, we dissect a Cooking for Chemo recipe and discuss what the function of each ingredient is inside the recipe and how to adjust it.

Episode 24: Holiday Cooking Special

In this episode, we talk about things to consider when cooking during the holidays for a loved one going through cancer treatment.

Episode 23: How to Prep and Store Food to Save Time, Money, and Energy

In this episode, we discuss helpful ways to save you time, money and energy during and after cancer treatments.

Episode 22: Great Quick Snack Ideas

Here’s an episode that focuses on 7 easy quick snack ideas that can help keep you happy and fed!

Episode 21: Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Are you spending way too much money every week at the grocery store? Are you literally eating your money? Throwing food into the garbage can because it goes to waste? This podcast episode is for you!

Episode 20: Meal Planning

In this episode we discuss how to plan meals for an entire week!

Episode 19: Basic Nutrition

How to understand basic nutrition and why working with an oncological dietitian is important.

Episode 18: Food Safety and Sanitation

We are going to talk about Food Safety and Sanitation. It’s kind of boring topic, but an extremely important one. Especially for those going through chemotherapy and have compromised immune systems

Episode 17: Essential Seasoning Ingredients for Your Kitchen

Today we’re going to talk about what seasoning ingredients you should always keep in your kitchen and their function inside of a recipe.

Episode 16: How to Cook for a Friend Going Through Cancer Treatments.

A perfectly succinct episode that any friend can listen to and immediately begin to help their friend who is going through cancer treatments.

Episode 15: All About #2

What to do when there’s too much 2 or not enough 2. We promise we kept potty jokes to the absolute minimum requirement!

Episode 14: Difficulty Chewing and Swallowing

This episode handles what can be seen as a really difficult topic: difficulty chewing and swallowing. So if you have no teeth, and you’ve got no saliva, what can you do to make it easier to eat real food?

Episode 13: Cooking for Mouth Sores

This episode focuses on those painful little devils: Mouth Sores. How can we accommodate for them in our cooking?

Episode 12: Accommodating for Nausea in Your Cooking

There are a few things you want to consider if you’re having difficulty handling nausea.

Episode 11: Understanding Loss of Appetite

Today, we will discuss Loss of Appetite and effective strategies to rebuild your appetite during chemo.

Episode 10: Combating Metallic Tastes

In this episode, we discuss effective strategies for combating metallic tastes inside your everyday cooking.

Episode 9: Learning Your Palate

In this episode, we combine all the sensory perception information and use it to learn our palate. This includes your own personal flavor preferences, and teaches you how to help other people understand and communicate their preferences as well.

Episode 8: The Role of Memory and Association

In this episode, we will discuss the role of memory and association during the eating experience.

Episode 7: Sound and the Eating Experience

In this episode, we discuss your sense of sound and how it relates to the eating experience.

Episode 6: Touch and the Eating Experience

In this episode, Chef Ryan and Jessie tackle a discussion about how your sense of touch influences your eating experience and how it can make food more interesting, more comforting, or even painful.

Episode 5: Sight and the Eating Experience

In this episode, we discuss the role of sight in the eating experience.

Episode 4: Smell and Aromatics

In this episode, we discuss every human’s super power, their sense of smell.

Episode 3: Tasting the Five Flavors

What do we taste with our tongue? Find out in this episode!

Episode 2: The Eating Experience

What exactly goes into the eating experience? Is it taste? Smell? What exactly constitutes the eating experience?

Episode 1: What is Cooking for Chemo?

What the heck is Cooking for Chemo and why is it relevant to you?