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OUR MISSION is to empower you to take control of your life. WE ACHIEVE THIS BY teaching you how to make your food taste great during and after cancer treatment. This website is filled with helpful tips, resources, and great recipes to utilize while you are going through cancer treatments. For additional reading and a great comprehensive guide, we suggest purchasing a copy of our award winning how-to-cook cookbook, "Cooking for Chemo ...and After!" Our cookbook will empower you to take control of your life.


Chef Ryan Callahan will be releasing 2 new cookbooks by the end of July 2016. They will be based on Cooking for Chemo ...and After! Both cookbooks will continue the conversation on teaching you how to make food taste great during and after cancer treatment. One cookbook will be for parents of children with cancer. The other cookbook will be focused on young adults with cancer. We have listened to your feedback and will be adding even more helpful information in regards to the "How-to cook" part of the cookbook. These cookbooks will represent a refinement in the Cooking for Chemo mission and further development of our culinary and flavor techniques. We look forward to announcing the titles and release dates within the next few weeks. Please join our mailing list if you wish to be personally informed when more information is available. If you have any further questions, email us at: cookingforchemo@gmail.com

Watch our Cooking Show: Cooking for Chemo LIVE

Watch our cooking show: Cooking for Chemo LIVE! Which is based on our how-to-cook cookbook, Cooking for Chemo ...and After! Our cooking show, Cooking for Chemo LIVE, is focused on teaching caregivers and cancer patients how to cook and apply the groundbreaking flavor and cooking techniques contained within our cookbook.

In this video series, Chef Ryan, along with his wife Jessie, are going to teach you our easy recipes and how to apply the Cooking for Chemo flavor techniques to them. The great thing about our cooking show is that we post the recipes on our website before the start of the next show. See our next recipe HERE. You can then print the recipes and cook along with us right in the comfort of your own home. These healthy recipes can be made by anyone of any level of cooking skill as a caregiver or a cancer patient.

Jessie (who can't cook and burns water) is on the show to ask Chef Ryan (an actual chef) the important questions about the how to and why of his cooking. She is on the show to learn right along with you. Heck, if she can do it, you can too! PLUS, you want to watch because as Chef Ryan says, the show is "Funjucational!" (Fun and Educational)

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Gourmand World Cookbook Award Shortlist Winner 2016

Chef Ryan Callahan and Cooking for Chemo ...and After! won the title of 2016 Gourmand World Cookbook Award Winner in Health and Nutrition USA.

Pick up your copy of our how-to-cook cookbook, Cooking for Chemo ...and After!, today to be a part of an internationally recognized winning movement in health and nutrition.

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Get to Know our How-To-Cook Cookbook: Cooking for Chemo …and After!

Cooking for Chemo ...and After! is a how-to-cook cookbook that teaches you how to make food taste great during and after cancer and chemotherapy treatments. The flavor and cooking techniques taught in our cookbook can be applied to any diet regimen or dietary restriction. Always talk to your oncology doctor or dietitian during cancer treatments.

Our mission is to empower you to take control of your life. WE ACHIEVE THIS BY teaching you how to make your food taste great during and after cancer treatment.

Cooking for Chemo ...and After! is available here on our website, Amazon, or through other major book retailers. See the bottom of this page for direct links.

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Learn Our Story!

Cooking for Chemo ...and After! is written by Chef Ryan Callahan. He was the primary caregiver for his mother while she went through chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer.

The flavor techniques he developed are outlined in this how-to-cook cookbook through Chef Ryan's first hand experience from cooking for his mom during cancer treatments and from his professional cooking experience.

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Reviews for our how-to-cook cookbook: Cooking for Chemo …and After!

“Chef Ryan takes a fresh approach to designing liberalized meals for the complex changes chemotherapy patients go through in a fun and nutritious way. His cooking tricks account for altered senses as well as appetites, giving cancer patients another resource to increase how much and how many dishes they can eat and enjoy.”
Ryan A Ellison RD LD

"Ryan Callahan’s new cookbook easily could be described as a labor of love, but you just as easily could refer to it as a labor for life -a quality life that’s enjoyable to live.
Jim Erickson, Journalist, West Newsmagazine, westnewsmagazine.com

“The book is great!! I love all of the background information and reasons for using certain products. The suggested cooking item replacements for certain foods is also incredibly helpful. I’m going to use this info for everyday cooking.”
Samantha Green, President, National CFC Organizer, Cancer Advocate, Crawl for Cancer, Inc. crawlforcancer.org

"I have been thinking about how I need to eat healthier. And after reading through Chef Ryan Callahan's cookbook, I just had a very satisfying and tasteful dinner of vegetables! Even though the cookbook is called, "Cooking for Chemo," he teaches you how to use spices, sounds, and smells; things I never thought would contribute to making me satisfied after such a healthy dinner. Thanks Ryan! Love Love the cookbook!"
Dorcy Jones-Clark

"Chef Ryan Callahan's book is... well perfect! The recipes are great, and it is fun to read (very rare for a cookbook.)"
Clayton McCarthy, Reviewed on Amazon

"All in all, it's a good cookbook. I really appreciated all the information in the book. It was a lot more than just recipes. He shared some really great cooking techniques. I waited to write the review until I had a chance to try a few of the recipes and they were all really good. I especially enjoyed the smoothies."
Nellwyn C. Blackmon, Reviewed on Amazon

"If you are struggling with foods to keep weight on and have no appetite, there are some really helpful ideas in this book that can be adjusted to your particular needs. I found the information about the palate cleansing and how the flavors work together to be the most interesting. And I love the charts about how and when to add items to a dish..."
Kim M. Builta, Reviewed on Amazon

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With our Award Winning how-to-cook cookbook, Cooking for Chemo ...and After!, you can take the next steps to empower your life. Take back your life from cancer! The cooking techniques and ideas contained in our how-to-cook cookbook will change not only the way you see food but will empower you to take control of other aspects of your life as well. Join the movement that is Cooking for Chemo. Print copies are available at any of the fine retailers below for $24.95. 

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