Food doesn't have to taste disgusting!

Cancer patients stop eating during chemo treatments because food is no longer enjoyable.

Who wants to eat food that tastes bad? The answer is NO ONE! During chemotherapy, food begins to taste disgusting, smell terrible, and can hurt when we eat it. All these factors combined create a horrible eating experience. Over time, this causes us to become discouraged and avoid eating all together.

As a cancer supporter, our mission is to teach you HOW to adjust your cooking so your food no longer tastes disgusting! We teach common sense, practical, and easy to use cooking techniques that help you enjoy eating again. Our easy to understand cooking techniques help cancer fighters take one more bite of food to fight off starvation. Our goal is to help you take back a part of your life that cancer has taken away... the simple enjoyment of eating good tasting food.

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We recommend that you begin by reading our Cooking for Chemo Tips and Techniques section before you dive right into the recipes. It is not the recipes, but the understanding of chemotherapy side-effects and our cooking techniques that allow you to be successful in this venture. We also recommend picking up a copy of our cancer cookbook, Cooking for Chemo ...and After!, for a complete learning experience.

Cooking for Chemo Qualifies for CE CREDITS

chef ryan teaching cooking for chemo class

Forget your typical boring classroom environment! Participate in Chef Ryan's fun, exciting, and informative Cooking for Chemo CE class! In our Cooking for Chemo CE classes, you will learn new cooking techniques that will help cancer fighters fight off starvation. You will learn how to understand the eating experience, and how to make adjustments to address each individuals specific eating related side effects. This class is a game changer! To learn more about bringing a Cooking for Chemo CE class to your oncology center or hospital, click the link below.

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Award Winning Cooking for Chemo

Cooking for Chemo ...and After! (Second Edition)

Food doesn’t have to taste disgusting anymore!

With this cookbook, you will learn how to use common sense cooking techniques, to fix the flavor of food that YOU want to eat.

This New and Improved Second Edition of Cooking for Chemo… and After! is an innovative, exciting, and practical resource for cancer fighters and their caregivers. Written with ease of use in mind, Chef Ryan guides you through the taste and flavor changes that cancer fighters face every day.

Cooking for Chemo ...and After! teaches you how to combat the most common eating related chemo side effects: loss of appetite, metallic taste, mouth sores, nausea, and difficulty chewing & swallowing

Click Here to Purchase Cooking for Chemo ...and After!

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