Turkey Gravy Recipe for Cancer and Chemotherapy

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Chef Ryan Callahan’s turkey gravy.

Turkey Gravy Recipe for Cancer and Chemotherapy

Ease of Preparation: Easy Recipe

Dish Description:
What would a delicious turkey dinner be without gravy? To me, sauces are the most interesting part of a meal, especially when you are cooking large cuts of roasted meat. You can achieve much more complicated and complex flavors inside of a sauce than you will ever be able to transition consistently through the entirety of the roast. This is where sauces and gravies come into play and you can truly see and taste their brilliance. This gravy is designed with chemo patients in mind and also to use the pan drippings from my brined turkey recipe.

Tasting Guidelines:
Taste is savory.
Weight is medium.
Texture is soft.
Good for people with low to severe treatment side effects.
Emotional response of home cooked holiday love.
Best categorized as traditional American.

1.5 qts. pan drippings from brined and roasted turkey
2 tbsp. cornstarch, mixed into cold water

Flavor Balancers:
1 tsp. black pepper, finely ground

1 tsp. Old Bay seasoning
1 tsp. sage, ground

Recipe Directions:
Transfer pan drippings to a 2 qt sauce pan. Add all seasonings and cornstarch. Mix together well. Bring to a boil to allow cornstarch to thicken. Once gravy is thick it is ready to serve.

Chef Tips:
Pan drippings should have plenty of salt and seasonings simply by the nature of the brining process. This is why you do not need to add a lot of seasonings to the gravy. If your turkey was made according to my turkey recipe, the pan drippings should be very flavorful. If you do not brine your turkey, you will probably not have a full 1.5 qts. of pan drippings. Simply substitute chicken broth or stock to make up the difference in liquid.

If your gravy is not savory enough, simply add 1 tbsp. MSG and taste for Roundness of Flavor.

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About the Author:

Chef Ryan Callahan is a classically trained chef with fifteen years of culinary experience. He is also the author of "Cooking for Chemo ...and After!" Chef Ryan acted as his mother's primary caregiver while she herself went through chemotherapy treatments.