Chemo Friendly Sauces

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Here you will find our sauces. All of these recipes were crafted with the cancer fighter in mind. Check back regularly for updates!

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Home-Style Marinara

A classic marinara sauce made with approval from my wife's Sicilian family. Savory and aromatic with sweetness to balance out the acidity of the natural tomatoes.



A northern Italian favorite. A simple sauce made from basil leaves. It is incredibly versatile and can be placed on anything that is of a lighter weight. Especially good with chicken. Pesto was huge in the 80's and 90's, which was captured in the iconic sitcom Seinfeld where George (paraphrased) says, “Ya know? I just don't care for pesto.”


Turkey Gravy

What would a delicious turkey dinner be without gravy? To me, sauces are the most interesting part of a meal, especially when you are cooking large cuts of roasted meat. You can achieve much more complicated and complex flavors inside of a sauce than you will ever be able to transition consistently through the entirety of the roast. This is where sauces and gravies come into play and you can truly see and taste their brilliance. This gravy is designed with chemo patients in mind and also to use the pan drippings from my brined turkey recipe.