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Bring our Cooking for Chemo Class to your cancer support location!

Chef Ryan Callahan teaches a 90 minute interactive class where your members learn how to combat the most common eating related side effects like mouth sores, nausea, and loss of appetite. Chef Ryan does this by teaching the cooking techniques that he developed while he was my mother's primary caregiver during her battle with breast cancer. Chef Ryan teaches his culinary techniques: Roundness of Flavor, Palate Cleansing, and Cleanliness inside of the class.

A kitchen is not needed for the event. The entire presentation can be held in a large meeting room. There is no actual cooking during the class. During the class, we taste samples of the five basic flavors (salty, savory, spicy, sour and sweet) which is always fun to watch!

The class is done like this because our mission is to empower people to take control of their life and take back an aspect of their life that cancer normally takes away, which is namely the pleasure of eating.

We do this class with efficiency of cost in mind, so we try to keep costs for the hosting organization as low as possible. 

After the 90 minute class is over, we can do a 30 minute meet and greet where the members, patients and caregivers can get books signed and ask more private questions that they may have about themselves or family members who may be battling cancer. During this time books are available for purchase for $25. I know that this is a delicate area. We do not push the books. They are simply there if anyone wants to take home a copy. We have found that many cancer organizations have questions and reserves in this area, which I completely understand. Everyone wants to create a safe environment free from advertisements, where you can come meet with your friends and get help with any difficulties that you may overcome during cancer treatments. In this regard, I would ask you to call Melanie Atwood, Executive Director of Gilda's Club Evansville at 812-402-8667. She recently hosted our class and can tell you more about it and how we handled the meet and greet aspect of the live event.

I also invite you to do a little research on us. Check out our entire website and get a feel for our mission and what we actually do. We provide all of our information online completely for free. I regularly write for Conquer Magazine and

If you are interested in hosting a Cooking for Chemo Class at your organization, please send us an email with the following details:

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