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  • The going through the taste samples and then discussing how to use these was great

    Gilda's Club, Evansville

  • Recipes were great. Good presentation. Thank you!

    Gilda's Club, Evansville

  • Chef is very knowledgeable, likeable, friendly, smart. I could listen to him all day. He knows so much about food!

    Gilda's Club, Evansville

  • I loved that Chef Ryan was able to explain the taste and flavor changes that were happening to me, to my family. I am hopeful that they will recognize that there is a reasoning behind the change in my tastes and that their wife/mom isn't just being picky! 🙂

    Gilda's Club, Kansas City MO

  • I thought the workshop was very informative for my needs. I enjoyed learning to cook in different ways that can cater to my needs and needs of others.

    Gilda's Club, Kansas City