Cooking for Chemo Podcast

Cooking for Chemo Podcast hosts Chef Ryan and Jessie Callahan
Chef Ryan and Jessie Callahan

Welcome to the Cooking for Chemo Podcast! In this podcast we will discuss Cooking for Chemo topics such as eating related chemotherapy side-effects and how to overcome them. We focus on giving real-world practical advice that you can use in your own home right away! Have a question? Send it to us to answer on the podcast:

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 7 Sound and the Eating Experience

In this episode we discuss your sense of sound and how it relates to the eating experience.

Episode 6 Touch and the Eating Experience

In this episode Chef Ryan and Jessie tackle a discussion about how your sense of touch influences your eating experience. How it can make food more interesting, more comforting, or even painful!

Episode 5 Sight and the Eating Experience

In this Episode we discuss the role of sight in the eating experience.

Episode 4 Smell and Aromatics

In this episode we discuss every human’s super power, their sense of smell.

Episode 3 Tasting the Five Flavors

What do we taste with our tongue? Find out in this episode!

Episode 2 The Eating Experience

What exactly goes into the eating experience? Is it taste? Smell? What exactly constitutes the eating experience?

Episode 1 What is Cooking for Chemo

What the heck is Cooking for Chemo and why is it relevant to you?