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Cooking for Chemo ...and After by Chef Ryan Callahan

A How-to-Cook Cookbook that teaches you how to adjust your cooking for chemotherapy patients

Gourmand World Cookbook Award Winner - Best New Health and Nutrition Book 2016:

Empower yourself to take control one bite at a time. Cooking for Chemo ...and After! is a how-to-cook cookbook that teaches you how to adjust your cooking for someone going through chemotherapy. Chemotherapy completely changes the way foods taste and smell making some of your favorite foods taste terrible. This cookbook empowers you to take control teaching you how to correct the flavor of your favorite foods so you can enjoy eating again! It specifically teaches you how to overcome side-effects like metallic tastes, mouth sores, loss of appetite, and nausea. This book is filled with 90 pages of culinary theory you need to know to make a difference and over 100 pages of recipes that will teach you how to apply what you just learned....

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Cooking for Kids With Cancer by Chef Ryan Callahan

Coming July 2016

A parent's crash course on food and flavor during and after your child's cancer treatment.

Cooking for Kids with Cancer is a parent’s crash course on food and flavor during and after your child’s cancer treatment. This book builds on the principles that Chef Ryan Callahan introduced in his award winning book Cooking for Chemo ...and After!

Cooking for Kids with Cancer is a self-help guide that helps you to navigate the toughest terrain around... eating during and after cancer treatments! In this book, Chef Ryan Callahan continues the conversation on the role of flavor and taste changes that occur during and after cancer treatments and how to adjust your cooking for those changes. Chef Ryan teaches you how to use the knowledge you will learn in this book to overcome the most common eating related side-effects.

This book is written to teach parents and caregivers how to help their child eat through one of the toughest times in their life. This is not a children’s book. It is an adult’s book. This a book for the parents and caregivers of children with cancer...

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Chef Ryan Callahan's Tasting Journal

Available July 2016

Take professional notes during and after cancer treatment the same way this Chef does.

Chef Ryan Callahan’s Tasting Journal is a supplemental resource, that allows you to take professional quality tasting notes during and after cancer treatment. By making notes on the food that you are eating, you will be able to find long term trends and patterns that make choosing your next meal a breeze.

My previous books Cooking for Chemo ...and After, Cooking for Kids with Cancer, and
Cooking for Cancer and After, teach you how to identify ingredients, seasonings and flavors that will help you learn how to adjust your cooking during and after cancer treatment. This Tasting Journal works in conjunction with the other texts creating a complete understanding of the taste and flavor changes that are occurring during and after cancer treatments. By using this resource you will be to take control of your eating experience which will empower you to have a better quality of life.

This is another step in your journey to help you think, act, and cook like a true Chef...

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